Who We Are? What we really do?

DIT is a company which provides Industry Relevant Training, Services and Solutions in IT/ITES segment. Our focus is on bridge the gap between Corporate and Institutes by providing conventional education and the requirements of the industry. Our training spans both IT and non IT segments and provides a variety of career oriented courses for different segments like students, job seekers and corporate citizens.

At DIT, your enthusiasm to master Software, Networking, Internet and enterprise are coupled with our state of art training. The courses of DIT have been specially created to meet the demand of the industry. We have tailored our courses after in-depth research validated and approved by leading IT Giants. The entire curriculum is designed so as to lead to internationally recognized certification.

Our mission is to deliver quality knowledge transfer through innovative delivery mechanism and technologies.

ISO 29990-2010 Certified

There are numerous training institutes in Bangalore, and many promising to deliver the best training and services to clients. At DIT, we don’t believe in mere talk or huge promises about our services. We back them up with standardized certifications. DIT has been awarded the ISO 299990-2013 by this international body of standards. This certification is an authentic record of consistent quality in all the services that we provide.

ISO or International Standardization Organization offers guidelines and standards for organizations and companies. These standards are designed to ensure that the services and products provided by companies are safe and are high quality. In business, these rules help organizations reduce errors and improve productivity. This in turn with create more savings. ISO has representatives from all parts of the world.

DIT is one of the premier training institutes in Bangalore, offering training and recruitment services to the software and IT industry. Our processes are designed according to the stringent quality standards outlined by ISO standards. These rules and regulations help us streamline our operations to provide the best services to our clients.

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ISO 9001-2015 Certified

DIT has been awarded the 9001-2015 certification by ISO, which is an International Organization for Standardization. This international body has representatives from all parts of the world. It creates a basic standard, which enables one to evaluate the quality or performance of various types of firms. This creates a base line that enables one to evaluate the quality of the company in comparison to similar organizations in the industry. The strategic tools of ISO help minimize waste, reduce costs, and decrease errors. Companies that streamline their operations and management in tandem with the ISO standards will definitely be able to see visible results in the long run.

The requirements of ISO 9001:2015 are generic, which means that it can be adapted by any kind of company or firm. Small or large, service provider or product-based company, all types of organizations can apply for and get this ISO standard certification. The basic requirements of this standard is that the product and service provided by the firm should meet the customer’s requirements and keep them satisfied. The other requirement of ISO 9001:2015 is that the system and process implemented in the firm should be in tandem with the customer’s need.

As a recipient of the ISO 9001:2015, it is clear that DIT has streamlined its process and operations, keeping in mind the needs of the customers.

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ISO 17024 – 2012 Certified

ISO or International Standardization Organization is a multi-national body that stipulates regulations and creates a framework of standards that companies and firms need to follow. These standards are designed and framed by quality experts from all parts of the world. The only aim of ISO is to set a high quality standard that will help organizations and firms improve their productivity and quality. ISO standards create a baseline for standardized operations. Plus, they help reduce errors and improve productivity, which in the long run creates ample cost savings.

DIT has been awarded the ISO 17024 – 2012 certification by this International body of standards. This certification has principles and specific requirements based on the specific services provided by the organization. At the same time, this standard document also gives suggestions for development and maintenance of the organization.

At DIT, we have meet the stringent requirements and specifications cited by the ISO 17024 – 2012 standard documents. This underlines the quality of services that we provide in our training and recruitment organization. Continuously redefining ourselves and constantly updating ourselves, we strive to provide the best and updated training for all our students. Our training programs and study materials are designed to keep up with the fast developing tools and technology in the software industry. All these facts point to one thing- DIT offers high-quality and consistent services to our clients.

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